Monday, January 07, 2008

2008 GOALS- NOT resolutions

Well, 2008 is HERE. At my house, it didn't scream in so much as it trickled into our dreams. We all went to bed early. Wow has my life changed! With technology, bringing in the new year has also changed, I could DVR the ball falling and watch it New Year's Day if I had wanted to see it our headed over to YouTube and watched those who did feel the need to record it and were kind enough to share it. My youngest daughter set her cell phone alarm to wake her back up at midnight so that see could welcome in 2008. LOL Life really has changed, but some things haven't. People still feel the need to plan out their New Year Resolutions. Go to the top 10 at About and check them out. You go to work and everyone asks you what your resolution is this year and then we all laugh about how long before you break it. Even the government has a list at You can even go to sites like eHow that tell you how to do it.

So as the new year approached, I begin to ponder a few things like why do we resolve to change things that we probably will not change? Resolve is such a negative word. The root of solve is even more negative like I now have to solve my issues. So this year, I turned it around and thought... Hmmm, what about the word Goal. If I set mini Goals, they will become good habits. They will take on a more positive light. So this year that is want I decided, I have set a few goals for the year. Things I want to do, not things I should do. Things that make me happy. I also decided that I can add to these Goals as I go along, once they do become habits. Everyone knows that Goals much be very precise and measurable and that one should write them down. A couple of great places to do this is at 43Things or Joe's Goals or MyGoals. I prefer Joe's Goals as I get reminders and it is less about social networking although I have a 43Things account. Tasks in Outlook also works great, I just don't want to mix my goals up with tasks as tasks are what I have to do, again making it sound a little negative.

So currently my list of Goals includes:
1. Writing in my blogs twice a month. I have two so it really means a once a week blog entry.
2. Publishing a photo of the week on my scrapbooking blog and then making it into a book called My Life in 52
3. Coming up with a photo of the month for a calendar to give to family next year.