Monday, December 10, 2007

Ski Season has begun--officially

Winter in the NW is unbelieveable. We have so many activities available to us. In our family, we will spend the rest of the winter at 49 Degrees North and other various mountains within our PNSA region, downhill skiing and watching our youngest daughter race with her teammates on F.A.S.T. (Forty-nine Degrees North Alpine Ski Team)

Saturday was the beginning of the long ski season for us. I always anticipate the beginning of the season with mixed emotions. Excitement-There is nothing better than to stand at the top of the mountain with the sun beating down on the beautiful sparkling white snow and to see the most magnificent view I have ever experienced. Hesitation-I always wonder if I can remember how to get on and off the lift and then actually ski down a mountain since I tyically start my pre-season workout the first day of ski season. You see, I am a late bloomer when it comes to skiing and waited until I was 39 to actually take up the sport.

In the end, I experienced both emotions and ended the day with great success!

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