Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coffee Maker Needs a Security update?!

Okay, so first of all who buys a coffee maker for $1798 U.S.? And, why do you need one that can be connected to the Internet? What? You say it can adjust the strength of their coffee via the Internet! How did I live without this thing! I can't believe that I have had to adjust mine by adding a little more coffee or taking out a bit all of this time?

Well, according to Cnet News a man in Australia owns just that, a coffee maker with Internet connectivity called the Jura F90 which allows him to not only adjust his coffee strength, but also allows him to get diagnostics on the thing via the Internet. This $1800 unit seems to have also come with an additional may allow people to gain remote access to his PC as well as his coffee maker. I hope his home security system isn't connected to his PC or else he may come home to find that someone has not only made coffee with his Jura F90, but they may have gone over and picked it up without leaving a tip.

Well, I will stick to my programmable Mr Coffee (44.95 US) until they get the bugs worked out. :) But for those of you who are early adopters, it looks like they still have 2 left in stock at so you better hurry and get yours.


Matsu said...

WOW! I had not seen this before reading it here. I hope they come out with a "coffee patch" for this IP coffee maker very soon!

I'm not sure I'd say 'IP Coffee' outside of technology circles. See this list of signs you might be an I.T. Redneck: )

dean said...

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