Monday, July 16, 2007

iPhone Hype

The iPhone came out and as promised, we saw lines for the new device. See Erin Morath's Detroit News article: iGot One. My DD #2 has a good friend who is studying at Vanderbilt this summer in a special program for students who will be entering their Sr year in HS next year. While there, many of these teens received their iPhones which were overnighted to them. Quite a hefty phone with a hefty price tag for those who are not yet out of HS.

My biggest disappointment in Apple, once again is that they made an exclusive deal and limited their market. I, a typical Windows Mobile user would have probably moved over to this new wonder device, but Apple decided to go with one single carrier. Since my Windows device is a few years old and I am ready for an upgrade from Windows Mobile 2003 SE (yes 03), I would have probably moved over to the new state of the art device allowing me to have my iTunes and podcasts at hand, but Steve Jobs wasn't a fan of Verizon, I guess. Steve's loss.... I guess I'll wait for a Verizon device that runs Windows Mobile 6. Until then, I guess I'll just keep watching my favorite iPhone video on YouTube!

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