Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On March 11, 1964, I was born a princess.
On March 12, 1964.... I became an average American girl born in a small agricultural town to two average American parents who gave me an average American name.

Where did it all go wrong??? I was destine for greatness and now I am, not so bad, but destiny definitely took a wrong turn! What was it thinking, did it get sick on March 12th and not show up for work? One of my favorite book covers (I haven't read the book, but I do own it) is "When did I Stop Being Barbie and Became Mrs. Potato Head?" I mean, there is nothing wrong with Mrs. Potato Head, but that wasn't in my plans. She is huggy, plump, dimply, and a bit like what my grandma was like...lovable. But, I should (as encouraged by my grandmother) be a career woman, jet set with all the luggage, freetime, and the body that won't quit. I already have the blonde hair and a decent personality. That is why I know I was born a princess. Maybe my real parents haven't found me or maybe they placed me with a good family so that I would know what it would be like to be common and then later couldn't find me because they moved a couple of times. Even so, life has not been all that bad, I just wonder what it could have been!

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